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  • Nagano


    We took a Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagano, travelling the 290km in a little over one hour. The ride is so fast and smooth, you barely feel any movement at all. We love the Shinkansen. We decided to take a little walk, about 25 minutes to get to Zenkō-ji Temple, all of it along one […]

  • Rome has a zoo!

    Rome has a zoo!

    Bioparco Roma is in the Villa Borghese gardens, way at the back beside Villa Borghese, and it’s very cute, especially for kids. Most of the descriptions of the animals and exhibits are in Italian and English, which is great, especially with Rowan wanting to read everything in sight. We bought extra tickets for the “Alien […]

  • Sharks? Yes, sharks!

    Sharks? Yes, sharks!

    On Saturday, we spent the day on Palau Payar, a small island and marine reserve, about 45 minutes from Langkawi. It was a chance for the three of us to snorkel and see some marine animals rather than more land based ones – and it was fantastic. Palau Payar is a beautiful, tiny little island, […]

  • Ooh-la-la, Langkawi

    Ooh-la-la, Langkawi

    Yesterday was our first full day on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. We took Rowan on a tour of the mangrove forest, where we saw lots and lots of long-tailed macaques, white bellied sea eagles, and coral fish. We got to feed the coral fish pieces of bread from the boat out on the Andaman […]

  • Singapore Zoo

    Singapore Zoo

    On our cab ride to the Singapore Zoo, about 15 minutes north of our hotel, we started seeing more trees and vegetation and less high rises and concrete. Rowan said, “This is beautiful. This is more beautiful than the Arctic, because the Arctic doesn’t have any trees. It’s more beautiful than the hottest planet in […]

  • Our kangaroo and koala close encounter

    Our kangaroo and koala close encounter

    Caversham Wildlife Park is about a half hour’s drive from Perth and even on a blisteringly hot 40 degree day like today, well worth a visit. We arrived at about 10 am and headed straight for the farm show that demonstrated sheep herding, sheep sheering, and even, with the help of Rowan, his best Perth […]