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  • Turtle love

    Turtle love

    We spent the day swimming, snorkelling and lounging on a stunning secluded beach on Selingan, an island of just 7.2 hectares, north east of Sandakan in the Sulu Sea. In the evening we met our guide, Wesley, for our briefing, and then watched a quick documentary about the island and the turtles that come there […]

  • Orangutans revisited

    Orangutans revisited

    The afternoon feeding at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is definitely the better time to visit. We arrived at 3 pm and there was already a young Orangutan there, waiting for the park rangers to bring lunch. Then two females arrived, each with a baby clinging to its chest. They ate bananas, what looked like small […]

  • Big noses, rain and dinosaur puzzles

    Big noses, rain and dinosaur puzzles

    Proboscis monkeys are so called because the males have long, flat, wide noses. We went to the Labuk Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary to spend some time with them and watch them swing grandly among the trees. Three families came to the feeding platforms, first the large males, running and slapping their feet on the wooden boardwalk […]

  • Borneo at last

    Borneo at last

    Three flights and 48 hours later, we are in Sandakan, Borneo. We stopped for a night in the capital, Kota Kinabalu, on the west coast, but just at the Hyatt, so that we could enjoy a night’s rest, good food and some play time at their lovely pool overlooking the South China Sea. For our […]

  • Vacations were made for this

    Vacations were made for this

    Tarsiers are little primates about the size of my fist, with large, bulging eyes and tiny, long-fingered hands, who sleep all day long and hunt for insects at night. They are native to the forests of Bohol, and are protected here so that you can pay 50 pesos to walk through the little tarsier sanctuary […]