Michela Pasquali

Writing professionally since 1995. Travelling with my husband, Kevin, and our son, Rowan, since the little guy was nine months old. Reading books since before I can remember.

Round the world with a toddler

We always knew we wanted to travel with our son. We got his passport when he was six months old and were off museum- and gallery-hopping with him in New York three months later. Then more of the same, only with even more hopping, this time between the gorgeous museums, parks, and fountains of Rome when he was one. In 2012, we all had a blast during a four-week trip to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysian Borneo and Perth, Australia.

Would anyone else be interested in our trips? Turns out, yes. I’ve published travel articles in The Toronto Star and The Calgary Herald, and I’ve committed to blogging about all our travels here, along with some of the things we’ve learned from introducing our son to new countries, cultures and experiences – or, often enough, what we learn from him.

Will we ever travel on our own again? Probably not. We loved the adventure travel we did before Rowan was born, to places like Thailand, Bali, China, Tibet, Nepal, Morocco, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Peru, Honduras, and Mexico, but we have so much fun with him on our trips now, that we don’t think we’d ever travel without him. Well, maybe when he’s 40.

Book reviews and writing in general

I’ve published a short collection of flash fiction, called I Don’t Want To Be Famous. I also write poetry, which occasionally gets published. In 2005 I took 11 months to write a first draft of a novel and have spent the last eight years editing it. That work continues to this day. I will eventually publish it – and likely write about that process here.

I read a lot of books and review them. I also post book reviews on Amazon. I don’t spoil any endings or make you feel as though you’ve already read the book – so why bother. Hopefully they intrigue you enough for you to get your hands on your own copies of the books and help the authors share their stories even further.

I also blog about writing in general: what I’m writing or publishing, and what has worked for me that can help others write and publish too.

What else?

Photos are by Kevin. Utter amazingness courtesy of the little man.