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  • A bicycle tour of Tokyo

    A bicycle tour of Tokyo

    We woke up early (again) on our last full day in Japan to meet Neil, of Tokyo Bicycle Tours, for a four-hour, 22km “Central Culture” bike tour. Neil had a perfect-sized bike for Rowan, plus a helmet, and two bikes for us, and took us on a private bike tour along the Meguro River, which […]

  • Tokyo DisneySea

    Tokyo DisneySea

    There are some impressive rides at Tokyo DisneySea, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to check them out (or, at least, Rowan wouldn’t let us pass up the chance). We got there early and lined up for fast pass tickets for one of the newest and coolest rides, Journey to the Centre of the […]

  • Tokyo Disneyland

    Tokyo Disneyland

    We woke up early to a cool morning, with Rowan super excited to get to our destination for the day: Tokyo Disneyland. It was rush hour when we jumped on the subway at 8:30, which meant crowded cars and standing for the half hour journey, along with locals dressed in suits and fancy shoes on […]

  • Brimming, bright, beautiful

    Brimming, bright, beautiful

    On day two of our trip to Japan, we took the subway out to Mitaka, to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum. The subway took about 50 minutes, then we walked about 20 minutes through a gorgeous park, before spotting the entrance to the quirky museum at the far end. The first floor has a small […]

  • Tokyo day one

    Tokyo day one

    After spending just a few days in Tokyo, we’re now pros when it comes to the subway and train lines, finding amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and giggling like school kids over all things Studio Ghibli. On day one, we made our way to a northern part of Tokyo to visit the Sumida Aquarium, which […]