Super Flower Moon

Shining brilliant silver
On a warm evening, early May
It doesn’t even seem real
Otherworldly, transient, glowing
Held alight in a loving palm
Open to the universe
And all its cold exactness
Its mathematical wonder
Smooth and perfect
Illuminating the earth
A searchlight, a neon sign
The unimaginable radiance
Of a thousand fireflies
Shining through your eyes
Into your mind and your dreams
Pushing leaves and petals
Up through the soil
Perfuming the air sweetly
Luring blue-black waves
Across endless seas
Lifting, stretching, pulling
Great winds spiralling
Through dark skies
Like tumbleweeds
On an enormous plain
Dotted with fairy lights
That twinkle in the blackness
We are here, you know
Small but significant
And you are there
Grand and majestic
Super flower moon





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