Blasting evil robots

Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters – Hong Kong Disneyland

Wow. We just spent two days in Hong Kong Disneyland and we’re completely exhausted. Well, except for Rowan. After going on “Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters” interactive ride (it’s set up kind of like a video game) about half a dozen times just today, Rowan is busy playing Angry Birds on my phone while Kevin naps, and I catch up on email propped up on pillows in bed.

HK Disneyland is smaller than what I expect the North American versions are, with five themed areas, each with only three to five rides, most of them for kids Rowan’s age or older. He liked all of them, but Buzz Lightyear was his favorite – and ours. I think Kevin and I enjoyed (repeatedly) shooting evil alien robots as much as the little man did.

Rowan & Stitch – Hong Kong Disneyland
Rowan & Stitch – Hong Kong Disneyland

The park is incredibly clean and the staff were all very sweet, especially when it came to handing out stickers to kids having meltdowns – or to Rowan, wherever he went. By the end of day one, he was covered in stickers – front and back – and on day two, we decided to just collect them to bring them back home. Which may mean our house will be filled with them, but no matter.

Rowan caught on to the whole idea of going on rides very quickly, even though it was his first time at an amusement park. He got excited about each one and was very patient standing in line, sometimes up to half an hour. It was fun for me too, but one day would have been enough, whereas Rowan would have liked to have gone back every day for a week, at least.

Tonight, it’s off to a small outdoor mall near our hotel for some dinner under the stars, before an early night. We need at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to recover from our Disneyland adventure and prepare for the long flight home tomorrow.

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  1. Michela neglected to mention that she ranked as Space Ace by the time her Astroblaster training was complete, scoring just under 500,000 where the rest of us were scoring around 100,000.

  2. Hi Eva, yes, our trip is officially over. Having so many different legs on our trip made it feel like we were gone for a very long time, but we’re back now. Our flight out of Hong Kong was delayed nine hours (thanks Air Canada!) so we had the opportunity to spend the day in the city again before heading home.

    I’ve never really liked video games that much, but this one was awesome! I was more amazed than anyone by my high score. I must have had a lucky alien blaster for the Space Ace round, or at least that’s all I can figure…

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