Jungle chatter

Rowan and I walking at night in the jungle – Sepilok, Borneo

Tonight, we walked back from the restaurant to our room, across the multiple boardwalks and bridges that criss-cross the resort‘s property, listening to crickets and other insects, frogs and birds. The boardwalks take us past an enormous pond that always looks peaceful and lush (whenever we walk by it, Rowan says “look at the beautiful pond, Mamma”), but tonight it seemed more ethereal. We could just barely see the edges of it, the tall trees pushing out of the shadows like ghosts, the water a pale green shade of its former self. The stars came out in droves. The lights of Orion’s Belt burst through the night sky. It’s eerie and stunning to walk along this path at night, the three of us alone and quiet, with just the chatter of the jungle to keep us company.

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