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  • Universal Studios Singapore

    Universal Studios Singapore

    For our last day in Singapore and our last day of vacation, we decided to go to Universal Studios Singapore, on Sentosa. We arrived when the park opened at 10 am and went straight for the ride Rowan wanted to see most – the Transformers ride. It was spectacular. Amazing. Incredible. Awesome. It’s a 4D […]

  • Luging, hiking, swimming and eating

    Luging, hiking, swimming and eating

    Rowan made all the decisions about what we did yesterday and when. We started off with taking a chair lift up to the top of Sentosa’s luge hill, picking out our helmets, getting into our luge cars and racing down together. Rowan rode with me on our first race and we beat Kevin down the […]

  • Spectacular Sentosa

    Spectacular Sentosa

    Yesterday we arrived back in Singapore and headed straight for our hotel on the island of Sentosa. Originally a military outpost, Sentosa is now a resort and family destination with aquariums, a Universal Studios theme park, water parks, and a whole bunch of other places where families can play. We had a couple of hours […]

  • Singapore flowers and flyers

    Singapore flowers and flyers

    On our third day in Singapore, we headed to the Marina Bay area to visit Gardens by the Bay, which has huge, spectacular indoor and outdoor gardens. The outdoor ones are made up of super tall metal structures that look like flowers on elongated stalks, opening their petals to the sky. The metal frames are […]

  • Singapore Zoo

    Singapore Zoo

    On our cab ride to the Singapore Zoo, about 15 minutes north of our hotel, we started seeing more trees and vegetation and less high rises and concrete. Rowan said, “This is beautiful. This is more beautiful than the Arctic, because the Arctic doesn’t have any trees. It’s more beautiful than the hottest planet in […]

  • From cold to hot

    From cold to hot

    “I love it here, mamma. There are so many trees.” This, from Rowan, on our first glimpse of Singapore from the above ground subway. We were on our way to our hotel in Little India, and even after a day and a half of flights and a delayed, snowy layover in New York, the little […]