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  • Museums and more museums

    Museums and more museums

    Over the last few days we visited a bunch of museums. First, we were walking along Via del Corso, when we noticed that Palazzo Cipolla was hosting, “War, Capitalism and Liberty”, an exhibit of over 100 works by Banksy. Rowan likes Banksy, as do Kevin and I, so it was a no-brainer. We popped in […]

  • A good, long walk

    A good, long walk

    Who doesn’t love the Colosseum? Rowan has been looking forward to seeing it almost as much as we have. We booked a tour of the “subterranean” floor, below the main arena, where all of the gladiators, animals, trees, hills (yes, hills!) and scenery were moved up to the arena using 28 separate elevators that were […]

  • Hello Roma!

    Hello Roma!

    Of course we had to wake up early again this morning (of course!), to go back to the Pitti Palace and walk around the Boboli Gardens. It was 8:30 and already it was very hot, but there was also lots of shade, without which our walk would have been impossible. Rowan and I headed across […]

  • 877 steps to a brilliant view

    877 steps to a brilliant view

    Today, we woke up early (again!) to line up at 8:00 am for the climb up the steps to the cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore. Because of Rowan’s boundless energy, we practically ran up the 463 steps. By the time we got to the top, we were breathless and sweaty, but that did nothing […]

  • Our 7-year-old tour guide was the best!

    Our 7-year-old tour guide was the best!

    For our second full day in beautiful, romantic Florence, we got up early to get ourselves over to the Ufizzi by 8:30 am! We had purchased our tickets two weeks earlier and so we didn’t have to line up! Nice! We followed the crowds to the second floor to see Michelangelo’s Sacred Famliy and the […]

  • Florence forever

    Florence forever

    Our first day on our Italian getaway was highlighted by a late plane landing and a race through the airport to catch our train to Florence. We got into our seats with about 8 minutes to spare, which completely blew our minds because we thought the trek through customs and the wait for baggage alone […]