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  • Ultimate Pompeii

    Ultimate Pompeii

    After spending our last four days in Amalfi at the beach, we woke up super early (4:00 am) to catch our bus to Salerno and our train from there to Pompeii. It was all very tiring, but, even after walking with all our backpacks from Pompeii station to our B&B 15 minutes away, we made our […]

  • What is the beach made of?

    What is the beach made of?

    Rowan: What is the beach made of?   Kevin: The beach.   Rowan: The beach is made of happiness because people are happy when they go there.

  • Amazing Amalfi

    Amazing Amalfi

    We arrived in Amalfi on Sunday, after a two hour train ride and one hour bus trip. We then walked up the main Street of Amalfi, which is beautiful. There is a lovely basilica at the top of a shortish flight of steps, all kinds of shops and restaurants, and lots of people walking around, […]

  • The Capitolini, Palazzo Barberini, and missing Rome already

    The Capitolini, Palazzo Barberini, and missing Rome already

    We couldn’t come to Rome without hitting two other museums – the Capitolini Museums, behind the Vittorio Emanuele II monument and the Roman Forum on the other side, which we love for its endless rooms filled with Roman antiquities. It also has an open-air balcony in the basement, overlooking the Forum, which is a stunning […]

  • Look up, waaaaay up

    Look up, waaaaay up

    Our hotel, Coronari Courtyard, is in a fantastic neighbourhood between the Tiber River and Piazza Navona. It has eclectic shops and restaurants, and always has some people traffic, though it’s not touristy at all. We’ve become used to visiting the local grocery store for everyday essentials like cakes, juice and beer (how did that become […]

  • Rome has a zoo!

    Rome has a zoo!

    Bioparco Roma is in the Villa Borghese gardens, way at the back beside Villa Borghese, and it’s very cute, especially for kids. Most of the descriptions of the animals and exhibits are in Italian and English, which is great, especially with Rowan wanting to read everything in sight. We bought extra tickets for the “Alien […]