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  • What is the beach made of?

    What is the beach made of?

    Rowan: What is the beach made of?   Kevin: The beach.   Rowan: The beach is made of happiness because people are happy when they go there.

  • Amazing Amalfi

    Amazing Amalfi

    We arrived in Amalfi on Sunday, after a two hour train ride and one hour bus trip. We then walked up the main Street of Amalfi, which is beautiful. There is a lovely basilica at the top of a shortish flight of steps, all kinds of shops and restaurants, and lots of people walking around,…

  • A setting sun, an evening swim and a path to the moon

    A setting sun, an evening swim and a path to the moon

    We’ve been lounging lazily at S and Z’s place in Perth for the last few days, with some sight seeing at the Perth Zoo, Fremantle and nearby beaches like Coogee. Tonight we went for a swim and a picnic at South Beach with S and Z and several of their friends, all “self imposed exiles”…

  • Turtle love

    Turtle love

    We spent the day swimming, snorkelling and lounging on a stunning secluded beach on Selingan, an island of just 7.2 hectares, north east of Sandakan in the Sulu Sea. In the evening we met our guide, Wesley, for our briefing, and then watched a quick documentary about the island and the turtles that come there…

  • Swimming with the fishes

    Swimming with the fishes

    After a day of playing with Rowan by the pools, I was able to do some snorkelling on my own. I thought I’d swim around the corals close to the beach, but the fish I was following around were so beautiful, I ended up in the reefs far from shore. The biggest were outrageously colourful…

  • So near and yet so far

    So near and yet so far

    Just 1700 km from Hong Kong, Cebu is a world apart. In Hong Kong we were surrounded by skyscrapers, lights and people. It averaged about 18 degrees during our visit and was cloudy every day. Since we’ve been in Cebu, we’ve seen nothing but sunny skies and 30+ degree weather. There’s lush vegetation everywhere at…