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  • A wish for happiness

    A wish for happiness

    The morning bright and hot An intricate pale stupa Set against a blue sky The bird seller Sitting on the temple steps Head wrapped in cloth Bamboo traps trembling at his feet Small cityscapes filled with white wings One delicate cage quivering on my open palm The door opening, bursting Fluttering softness and lightness into […]

  • Fathers Day

    Fathers Day

    Nose to nose Looking at each other With such joy Such light He’s just a few months old All chubby cheeks And gurgling smile You hold him so gently Up in the air With strong hands Eyes sparkling Sleep barely shed The morning bright On the winter blankets He keeps squirming Bursting with life And […]

  • Super Flower Moon

    Super Flower Moon

    Shining brilliant silver On a warm evening, early May It doesn’t even seem real Otherworldly, transient, glowing Held alight in a loving palm Open to the universe And all its cold exactness Its mathematical wonder Smooth and perfect Illuminating the earth A searchlight, a neon sign The unimaginable radiance Of a thousand fireflies Shining through […]

  • Glimmer


    Under a bright, blue sky Your laughter lilts and trickles Through the upstairs window Over the treetops And the empty street below Startling a robin The first of the season Trilling his young heart Red breast puffed out On the slender branch Of the maple across the road My eyes, dream drenched Stretch for the […]

  • Not everything

    Not everything

    Snug under your blue blanket Your head on my chest Red hair shining In the golden afternoon sun Rockets are possibilities Space suits, daydreams. You are learning more Than I ever thought you would Warm and comfortable Gentle, curious, bright You see each moment Like an adventure. But you’re sad When the excitement wains And […]