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  • The Capitolini, Palazzo Barberini, and missing Rome already

    The Capitolini, Palazzo Barberini, and missing Rome already

    We couldn’t come to Rome without hitting two other museums – the Capitolini Museums, behind the Vittorio Emanuele II monument and the Roman Forum on the other side, which we love for its endless rooms filled with Roman antiquities. It also has an open-air balcony in the basement, overlooking the Forum, which is a stunning […]

  • Museums and more museums

    Museums and more museums

    Over the last few days we visited a bunch of museums. First, we were walking along Via del Corso, when we noticed that Palazzo Cipolla was hosting, “War, Capitalism and Liberty”, an exhibit of over 100 works by Banksy. Rowan likes Banksy, as do Kevin and I, so it was a no-brainer. We popped in […]

  • From cold to hot

    From cold to hot

    “I love it here, mamma. There are so many trees.” This, from Rowan, on our first glimpse of Singapore from the above ground subway. We were on our way to our hotel in Little India, and even after a day and a half of flights and a delayed, snowy layover in New York, the little […]