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  • Taking the kids on a travel adventure

    Taking the kids on a travel adventure

    When Kevin and I took Rowan on a vacation to Asia and Australia this year, I knew it would be a good opportunity to tell some great travel stories. We took our little guy to the places we knew would excite all our souls, including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysian Borneo and Perth. But we […]

  • Eating our way around Cebu

    Eating our way around Cebu

    Today we came back to Cebu from Bohol by boat and met with P, D, and their adorable kids, C and L. We went for lunch at Cafe Georg and I had a refreshing arugula, apple and blue cheese salad with almonds and grapes. Rowan ate most of it, but I had most of his […]

  • Vacations were made for this

    Vacations were made for this

    Tarsiers are little primates about the size of my fist, with large, bulging eyes and tiny, long-fingered hands, who sleep all day long and hunt for insects at night. They are native to the forests of Bohol, and are protected here so that you can pay 50 pesos to walk through the little tarsier sanctuary […]

  • Swimming with the fishes

    Swimming with the fishes

    After a day of playing with Rowan by the pools, I was able to do some snorkelling on my own. I thought I’d swim around the corals close to the beach, but the fish I was following around were so beautiful, I ended up in the reefs far from shore. The biggest were outrageously colourful […]

  • So near and yet so far

    So near and yet so far

    Just 1700 km from Hong Kong, Cebu is a world apart. In Hong Kong we were surrounded by skyscrapers, lights and people. It averaged about 18 degrees during our visit and was cloudy every day. Since we’ve been in Cebu, we’ve seen nothing but sunny skies and 30+ degree weather. There’s lush vegetation everywhere at […]